One Child Policy an attack on the common good – Chinese bioethicist

Cross-posted from BioEdge In a provocative new article in the Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, Chinese bioethicist Jing-Bao Nie attacks the one child-policy for having “a hugely negative effect on the common good”. Nie criticises the government’s claim that the policy has benefited society through raising living standards and reducing overcrowding: “The greatest irony of all is that,

Getting away with murder

Cross-posted from HOPE This article first appeared on the ABC’s Ramp UP website. Media reports on homicides of people with disability, particularly those with intellectual disability, are frequently sugar-coated and euphemised. This only serves to diminish the value of those who have lost their lives, writes Craig Wallace and Samantha Connor. Despite this latest tragedy, it’s impossible

I Am Equal Without Abortion

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife Have you ever been told that a woman will lose all of her rights and become a second-class person, inferior, or subhuman if she cannot obtain a legal abortion? I have, numerous times. And lest you think that this is a fringe viewpoint: in her dissent in Gonzales v. Carhart, the partial-birth abortion

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