What Makes a Person a Person?

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife I have written several articles already giving a robust defense of what a person is. But now I’d like to talk about what I see as a key component to a person. My preferred definition of “person” comes from medieval philosopher Boethius, that a person is an individual substance of a

Which side is extreme?

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife In the United States, the courts treat abortion as a constitutional right through all nine months, for any reason, and that has been the law since 1973. It’s shocking how many defenders of the Supreme Court’s abortion decisions do not know this. Either by design or by accident, our law is

Crossing paths with Death Incorporated

An intensive care unit doctor reveals his thoughts on the euthanasia debate. Cross-posted from The Sydney Morning Herald   I am no expert on Death. He never stops to chat, even though he visits my intensive care unit regularly. I’ve lost count of the times we’ve crossed paths – I guess it must be two

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