Religious Extremism on Campus

Since my last post addressing the links between Zoe’s law an climate change, it seems that the agenda of those who oppose it has taken on the character of a religious purge. As the bill is currently being discussed in parliament, some of the usual suspects on campus at USYD have organised a petition to

Death Penalty and Innocence

Cross-posted from ProLife NZ Today I’d like to draw your attention to an argument against the death penalty and tie it to euthanasia and abortion. Here it is in brief: There is the chance that an person will be convicted of a crime they aren’t guilty of, and sentenced to the death penalty. Because there is the

Zoe’s law ‘misogyny’, say NSW protesters

Cross-posted from The Sydney Morning Herald Decriminalising abortion in NSW will be harder if controversial changes to the Crimes Act, known as Zoe’s law, are passed, critics say. A small band of protesters gathered outside NSW parliament on Thursday, as the bill was debated. They waved banners emblazoned with various slogans, including “Men against misogyny”

Europe Rejects “Human Right to Abortion”

Cross-posted from Secular ProLife Yesterday, in a move heralded by pro-life advocates, the European Union declined to adopt a measure that would have declared abortion to be a human right. If adopted, the proposal would have approved a violation of the right to life, marring the very concept of human rights. Moreover, abortion advocates sought to use

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