The Indivisible Fight for Life

Cross-posted from ProLifeNZ   I’ll begin by indicating how I became aware, very belatedly, of the “indivisibility of life.” I mention this fragment of autobiography only be cause I think it may be useful to those who are interested in bringing others like me – some people are not interested in making the ranks more

‘I’m pregnant and I have cancer’

Elouise Hemming is 25 weeks pregnant with a baby girl she’s already named Ava. Six weeks ago she discovered she had cancer. She is just 24. Extraordinarily, mother and baby are expected to survive. “They caught it early,” she said. To save both their lives, Hemming, born in Cardiff in the UK but now living

Why the Incredible Hulk is wrong about abortion

Cross-posted from TheLeadingEdge Blog Earlier this week published a letter that was written by actor Mark Ruffalo, who played the Incredible Hulk in the recent Avengers movie. Ruffalo sent the letter to a pro-abortion protest rally in Mississipi, where it was read aloud to those present. Since then it has been doing the rounds on the

Adoption law reforms desperately needed

Cross-posted from the Herald Sun THE revelation that federal Labor senator Jacinta Collins gave up her baby when she was 19 provided an insight into how adoption can be a positive fruit of an unplanned pregnancy. That Jacinta’s 30-year-old son was able to attend her swearing-in as the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing last

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