Embryology: Inconvenient Facts & Dehumanization

Cross-posted from ProLife NZ, originally appears in Princeton ProLife  In the ongoing debate about cloning human embryos for research, and about destroying them in order to harvest their stem cells, it is important to keep some basic facts in mind. Our moral analysis must be built upon fundamental scientific truths. If we obscure the facts,

Resounding Defeat for NSW Right to Die Bill

Cross-posted from CCSA The NSW Legislative Council has emphatically rejected a Greens Private Member’s Bill to legalise euthanasia and physician assisted suicide by 23 votes to 13. “The Bill was comprehensively defeated,” says Greg Donnelly MLC, the well known Labor politician and a member of the NSW upper house since 2005. While some Labor politicians

R U 4 a fair discussion? A Response to Honi’s “LifeChoice Debunked”

Honi Soit is a proud campus tradition at the University of Sydney. Some would call its presence in student life institutional. Honi’s history is a long one of quality student journalism – ‘the only media outlet with the capacity and the will to cover student issues in depth’, as editor Hannah Ryan points out. Accordingly, Honi is synonymous with radical

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