Film Review: Sophie Scholl

Director: Marc Rothemund Cast: Julia Jentsch, Gerald Alexander Held, Fabian Hinrichs   In an oppressive political and/or social climate, where “speaking out” is met and dealt with extreme prejudice, would you? ‘Sophie Scholl, the Final Days’ follows the last days of courageous young girl’s “yes” to this question. Set in the midst of the Nazi Regime, Sophie Scholl:

Boylan is wrong: Top experts comment on Savita case

Cross-posted from the Life Institute Blog   Dr Peter Boylan’s claim that Ireland’s abortion laws prevented the correct treatment of Savita Halappanavar has been contradicted by top experts in Obstetrics and in Emergency Medicine. Professor Stephen Cusack, who is professor of Emergency Medicine in University College Cork, tweeted that ‘Dr Boylan would like us all

Savita Inquest Results Don’t Justify Ireland Allowing Abortion

Cross-posted from The jury in the Savita Halappanavar inquest has returned a unanimous verdict of death by medical misadventure. Savita Halappanavar (pictured), 31, was an Indian woman who tragically died in Ireland from overwhelming infection after allegedly being denied an abortion. Her case has been seized upon by the pro-choice lobby as grounds for liberalising Ireland’s abortion law. Savita

Elder Abuse Tied to Higher Hospitalization Rates

Cross-posted from MSN Healthy Living  MONDAY, April 8 (HealthDay News) — Older people who are abused or mistreated face much higher odds of being hospitalized than those who are not, a new study confirms. “It is understandable how a vulnerable older person experiencing abuse may fail to prioritize the prevention or care of their health

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