Anti-abortion club expands

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-abortion movement has notched up its third campus less than six months after it began at the University of Sydney. LifeChoice Macquarie, which shares the same name and branding as clubs at Sydney and the University of NSW, was endorsed by its student union this month. Affiliation with the Macquarie University Student Representative

The Onion ridicules the pro-choice ideology

This article is cross-posted from ProLife NZ The always funny Onion faux news website had a crack at the pro-choice movement late last week with an article titled: ’8th-Grade Health Class Squirms Throughout Entire Screening Of ‘Miracle Of Abortion’. It’s a great little piece of satire which exposes some of the rather glaring flaws in the

Mothers being encouraged to have illegal late in pregnancy abortions for Down syndrome and Spina Bifidia

This article was cross-posted from SavingDowns. Saving Downs and Spina Bifida New Zealand have mounting evidence that parents are being put under undue pressure to terminate wanted pregnancies when receiving a positive diagnosis of conditions such as Down syndrome and Spina Bifida. Our group positions are that children should not be selected based on their

There is no RIGHT TO DIE

This article was cross-posted from It’s a great slogan, right? That’s it: put the word ‘right’ right at the front and it makes it sound, well right! But it ain’t so, as Wesley Smith makes crystal clear: Wesley Smith – Human Exceptionalism blog, October 8, 2012 The tragic case of Sung Eun Grace Lee,

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