Tasmania launches elder abuse initiative

News from Tasmanian Premier Lara Gidding’s website talks about the launch of the Tasmanian Elder Abuse helpline. An undoubtedly worthwhile initiative, the helpline is set against a background where, as the media release observes: “It is estimated up to 4200 older Tasmanians suffer physical, emotional verbal or financial abuse at the hands of someone close to them.”

Euthanasia in Fiji?

There was a disturbing interview with euthanasia advocate Dr Phillip Nitschke on the ABC last Friday. He has approached the government of Fiji, proposing a euthanasia clinic for Australians. “People who are…terminally ill, would be able to make a much easier journey from countries in the Pacific, such as Australia or New Zealand, to Fiji,

Peter Singer on Q&A

The crowd was silent in the bright fluorescent studio at ABC studios before the first words were uttered by Peter Singer, the renowned Bioethicist and public figure who holds the view (among others) that it is morally permissible, nay even dutiful to murder a human being if they do not fulfil Singer’s synthetic definition of

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